Claude Monet, Gare Saint Lazare, 1877
Photograph: Raagini Pareek

As humans, we love being social, making friends, and nurturing relationships. Part of the unsaid contract when it comes to friendships and relationships is the clause about sharing and keeping secrets: The Secret Clause.

Almost instantly in some cases, we unearth our secrets and share them with those we feel…

Life is the state of constant dissatisfaction . One day we want one thing. Once we get it, we want something else. There is a constant desire for more. More…

When I got my first iPhone in 7th grade, I immediately started getting texts from people who thought I was a guy named Micheal (I’ve omitted his real name for any possible privacy & security concerns). For the next five years until I graduated from high school I would get…

Terms You Should Understand Before You Invest in Cryptocurrency

Photograph by Stanislaw Zarychta on Unsplash

Whether you are researching or investing, these terms will definitely make a cameo, and it is always important to know what they mean when they do make an appearance.

The Dictionary:


Every coin has a specific address that identifies where it is located on the blockchain. …

A basic intro to why decentralized finance is good.

iThe New York Stock Exchange, New York, New York, in a 1904 photograph.

In order to understand DeFi, we first must understand how we take care of all our economic transactions without it.

Economic transaction n. the transfer of goods, property, investments between two parties at a set price.

Basically, if Tom wanted to sell his cheese to Jerry he could do that…

Raagini Pareek

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